Emergency Eye Wash Bottle


Emergency Eye Wash Bottle

Perfect for flushing particles such as pollen, dust, sawdust, smoke, etc.
All-in-One Solution Provides Immediate First Aid for the Eyes
Immediate response eye first aid for the laboratory, classroom, work site and public facilities.
This multipurpose solution is effective in rinsing impurities and irritants from the eye,
and in preventing damage from acids and corrosive substances that can occur after only 10 seconds.

As basic first aid equipment for any work environment and a practical supplement when fixed eye wash stations are required, Personal Eye Wash products offer an inexpensive solution that can be utilized to enhance your emergency preparedness, and improve critical response time when debris or chemicals enter the eye

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Things to consider when choosing personal eye wash:
• What types of materials are on site that could enter the eye?
Saline which mimics human tears or water are the most common products used to flush the eyes and work well for particulate
debris (i.e. dust, dirt, metal fragments, wood chips etc.) When corrosive acids or alkalis are involved, time is of the essence.
While water and saline will dilute an acid or alkali, a pH Neutralizing solution can quickly neutralize the substance and return the
eye to its normal pH value of 7.4.
• Where are workers located? What is the work environment?
Are workers in a fixed area, moving between work areas or facilities, or outdoors? Personal Eye Wash products can be placed
right where accidents are most likely to occur. Choose from wall mounting units or individual bottles and belt bags that mobile
workers can conveniently keep with them at all times. For areas of high traffic or dust, Plum Covered Stations help keep supplies

Maintenance of Eye Wash Bottles
1. Wash the Eye Wash Bottle and all accessory parts: cap, tubes, etc. in mild detergent solution.
2. Rinse well to remove all traces of detergent.
3. Under clean conditions, fill Eye Wash Bottle completely (Sterile Water).
4. Replace top, close cap and return to emergency station.
5. If an eye wash bottle is used, empty it completely and proceed through steps 1-4 before replacing in station.
6. After using an eye wash bottle, the injured individual should see a physician at once for examination and treatment.
To ensure cleanliness, it is advisable to establish a regular eye wash bottle cleaning and eye wash solution replacement procedure. See the refilling guidelines below

Guidelines for Refilling Eye Wash Bottles
The below recommendations for solution replacement are based on information gathered from sources outside Products to help assist our customers. Bel-Art Products does not guarantee the accuracy of the information gathered.
Rinse solution and frequency of change:
• Water only – change once a week.
• Water and Preservative (varies by manufacturer) – change every two months.
• Pre-mixed Eye Wash Solution – change every 4 to 6 months.
• Unopened, Sterile Eye Wash Solution – until expiration date on bottle.
Sterile Eye Wash solution has a shelf life of up to 3 years – refer to expiration date on bottle. However, once the bottle has been opened, the product is no longer sterile.

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