Welding Goggle with Dual Flip Front Lens


* Includes front and side impact resistance.
* According to the testing method of the European standard, heat one end of a steel rod, 300 mm long and 6 mm nominal diameter to 650 ℃. Press the heated face of the rod against the surface of the sample for 5 seconds. The welding helmet must not ignite, continue to glow nor be pierced.
* The welding helmets provides excellent electrical insulation.
* All inside surfaces of the welding helmet have a Matt finish.
* The welding helmet shell can block harmful light during the welding process, and no unattenuated light is visible in any position of the welding helmet.
* Due to the patented design, filter lenses and cover lenses can be installed and removed easily and quickly.

Important Information
The eye goggle must be inspected frequently and replaced in case of worn out or damaged parts. Keep out from direct sunlight and abrasive substances

Recommended for
Welding and Chipping

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Soft and flexible vinyl frame welding goggles with indirect ventilation.
50mm round poly carbonate green Shade 5 flip front lens allows the users to switch from welding to chipping or easy inspection.
Ideal for use in gas welding, brazing and cutting.

Storage and cleaning
Clean the lens with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. The frames can be disinfected with a neutral detergent

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